Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work!

The League of Women Voters promotes informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy at the local, state and national levels. The League is nonpartisan and never supports or opposes political parties or candidates, although we do take positions on issues. Membership is open to men and women over the age of 16.

Equal Means Equal Film Showing October 24, 2016

The Bay Theatre in Suttons Bay will present the award-winning documentary film "Equal Means Equal" on Monday, October 24 at 6:30 pm. Doors will open at 6:00 pm, film screening at 6:30 pm, followed by a panel discussion and Q & A. Panelists include: Brenda Quick, law professor and former member of MI Women's Commission under Gov. Granholm, and recognized as "Most Notable Women of NW Michigan"; Mary Sutherland, author and founding member of National Organization of Women (NOW), Womens Resource Center (WRC), and ERA activist; and Barbara Schneider, first female steward of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) -Flint.

The film looks at how women are treated in the United States today by following both real life stories and precedent setting legal cases and presents a case for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. Directed by Kamala Lopez, the film won the Audience Award at the 2016 Traverse City Film Festival.

This event is free to the public, thanks to generosity of the following sponsors: League of Women Voters Leelanau County, Women Lawyers Association, Zonta Club of Leelanau, Womenable, Women's Circle, Dana "Sam" Getsinger and Paula Kemler.

LWVLC Solar Harvest Tour October 30th

LWVLC's Solar Harvest Tour October 30th

A Solar Harvest Tour will be held on Sunday, October 30, 2016 from 1:00 pm through 4:00 pm in Leelanau County. The event organized by the League of Women Voters Leelanau County has stops at eleven locations highlighting an array of solar installations. Docents will be at all locations to answer questions on the cost and payback of installing solar energy units. The goal of the event is to familiarize participants with residential, business, farm and school applications of this increasingly competitive way of generating electricity that reduces reliance carbon emitting fossil fuels. The tracking, ground, and/or roof arrays are open for public inspection. A solar cooking unit will also be demonstrated at Leelanau Cheese. A For more details call 386-5680. The event is free.

Solar Harvest Tour Locations!! In Northport ---- Northport Creek Golf Course at 355 West 8th Street, a tracking and adjustable ground arrays.

DeFors Home at 12375 North Shores Court, a roof array.

Gale Home at 301 West 3rd Street, a garage top unit with car charger.

Garthe Farm at 9691 East Seth Road, an adjustable ground array.

Northport Schools at Nagonaba & High Street, a tracking array that is part of a Northport student's "Senior Project".

In Lake Leelanau ----Abbott-Hauser Home at 6339 East Horn, an adjustable ground array.

In Suttons Bay ----Wachs Home at 2625 Cherry Tree Lane, a roof top array

Suttons Bay's Leelanau Cheese at 3324 S. West Bay Shore Drive, an adjustable ground array and demonstration of a solar cooking project.

In Cedar----Wheadon Home at 3044 S. Good Harbor Trail, an adjustable ground array.

In Elmwood Township----Brengman Brothers Crain Hill Vineyards at 9720 S. Center Hwy, a tracking array.

In Solon Township---Light of Day Organics at 3502 E. Traverse Hwy, roof and adjustable ground arrays.

Solar Harvest Map

LWVLC November Monthly Meeting

On Wednesday, November 2nd at noon at the Leelanau County Government Center the LWV Leelanau County will host a forum entitled Early Childhood Intervention, Resiliency and Good Health with presenter Dr. Mary Beth Hardwicke.

The focus of this forum is how good public policy, as well as our individual efforts, can improve long-term health outcomes for all. Dr, Hardwicke will address the effects of chronic stress and other adverse experiences in early childhood on mental and physical health in subsequent years. The forum highlights the importance of both public policy supporting quality early childhood services and individual efforts to assist families in the prevention of long-term health problems.

The public is invited. Many people bring a sack lunch. LWVLC business meeting to follow presentation. For more information: Call 231-256-9106, visit or follow LWVLC on Facebook at League of Women Voters Leelanau County

Pipeline #5

The LWVLC continues its efforts to bring the issue of Pipeline 5 to the forefront in Leelanau County. This summer we succeeded in getting the item on all local government's agenda. The Enterprise has covered the issue several times raising awareness of the issue and the LWVLC. Dozens of League members and concerned citizens attended local government meetings. More Shut Down the Pipeline signs are up all over the county.

Following is the current status.


  • KASSON + September 12 at 7 pm at Kasson Township Hall
  • BINGHAM + September 19 at 7pm at Township Hall



Why is this a League concern and why should it be your township or village's concern?

First and foremost, second only to Keweenaw County, Leelanau County has the most shoreline along Lake Michigan of all Michigan Counties. There is no one better to send this important message to our representatives than our Township and Villages.

The Great Lakes contain 20 percent of the world's fresh, available surface water; are a drinking water source for 40 million people; and sustain agriculture, fishing, shipping and industry within its bordering states. One of every five jobs in Michigan depends on the quality and quantity of the Lakes' fresh water. Billions of tourism dollars rest on the image of "Pure Michigan." There is consensus that the Straits would be the worst possible place for an oil spill in the Great Lakes.

Time for unwavering trust in the "fox to guard the chicken house" is over. Line 5 carries crude oil and other hazardous materials under the Straits of Mackinac. Enbridge has a poor track record that includes 1,244 spills. A rupture near Kalamazoo in 2010 allowed almost one million gallons of tar sands oil to leak from an Enbridge pipeline for 17 hours before being shut down.

Your township or village will not be alone in passing such a resolution. Over 50 local Michigan governmental communities and the 35 federally-recognized tribes that have called for the immediate closure of Enbridge Line 5, and the list is growing.

We live here because we love the water. We are also entrusted to protect it. Protection of Michigan's water supplies and resources is best accomplished by prevention rather than an after the fact clean up. This is a message that your Township or Village can send to Lansing that will only cost a postage stamp but could save Leelanau County many tourism dollars.